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Why Pandora’s box?


There are millions of websites about climate change or global warming, not many people telling the whole story. The truth is; it’s impossible to stop or slow-down global warming as individual, company or country, we can’t slow-down global warming if our governments holding tight to their country borders.

Global Warming is not only about CO2 levels and temperature; Global warming is also about obesity and hunger. With Pandora’s Box I will explain en show that Global Warming something else than our leaders want us to think it is.

Climate change starts with a Capital C; the C of Carbon. It is the major chemical ingredient of oil, gas and coal (fossil fuel).  When we burn fossil fuel, we create energy and release the carbon in form of carbon dioxide (a gas). This gas ends-up in the atmosphere and causes a problem.

Too much carbon in the atmosphere creates a kind of blanket around the earth, as result; higher average temperatures, melting ice-caps, higher sea-levels.

I’m not worried about climate change (I’m 57 years old), I’m angry about the way how are world leaders handling this phenomenon.  Spending billions of dollars towards more research and development of new technologies, knowing the most effective and short term solution to reduce global warming is planting trees and fighting poverty.

I am going to plant trees in a professional way, tree-planting to reduce carbon out the atmosphere and to create wealth for the poor. The speed how I am going to do that is depending on the help I can get. I don’t need an army of volunteers; I need governments, companies, project developers, builders, contractors.

However everyone can help, help by pushing governments and companies to take action.


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