7. Pilot Project


I understand we can’t plant the whole of Indonesia full with paulownia trees; this is not what I’m talking about. My idea is to transform a part of the country (now degraded low carbon land) into the lungs of the world and do that step by step.

Start pilot projects at places not too far from urban areas.

  1. Year one and two

1.1.   Area survey (financed)

1.2.   Area preparation first and second plot (financed)

1.3.   Planting for biomass first and second plot. (financed)

Year three

2.1.   Area preparation third plot (financed)

2.2.   Planting third lot for biomass (financed)

2.3.   Harvesting first lot (financed)  creates  income to finance  plot 4

Year four

3.1.   Preparation fourth plot (paid by plot 1.)

3.2.   Planting fourth plot for biomass (paid by plot 1.)

3.3.   Harvesting plot one and two (paid by plot 1.) creates Income to finance plot 5 and 6

After only 3 years the project can be self-financed and support itself for further growth. After a few years of intensive use for biomass we let the tree grow for its timber (7 to 10 years)

Plot one will generate income in year 3,4,5,6,7 (biomass 30.000 kg dry mass per year) after that in year 14/16 an estimate of  300 Cbm timber per Hectare.

Notice; there is no cost for purchasing land, the land is and stays property of Indonesia. The initial investment should be a grant, not a loan. The world needs to buy and use the product produced.

I ask Indonesia their commitment and the world to participate. It will create wealth, jobs, education and healthcare for the Indonesians and oxygen for the world. A project like this is countable and measurable; it can start as small as hundred or thousand hectare.

After a few years the project will be self-financed, however Indonesia needs help with planologic development, there is no infrastructure, no housing, no schools and no healthcare. It will take months to mobilize resources and governments needs to agree (the most difficult part). However after years of throwing billions of dollars towards the volunteer army as outcome a hardly measurable result it’s time for a change.

The world was able to organize the Iraqi war in a few months, so mankind can do something fast if they really want.


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