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Postcode lotery The Green Challenge 2013

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Most of the time new ideas are a result of something what starts with a dream (triggered by a good or bad experience). This dream creates a desire to do. The answer of how to do it creates the idea.

Everything starts with a projection of the future; we have no notion where our idea will lead to because the future doesn’t exist yet.

Of course we have our weighing scales to measure the pros and contras (SWOT) and our list of demands but all answers are filled in with figures based on the past and because our desire to make the plan work often not very accurate.

This is the reason that most ideas about a promising future fail. Lucky; those failures still have a function because one idea creates the next. This is the simple result of action creates reaction.

Those ideas arise by accident not limited by experience of the past. These ideas are often going to make it. Most of the great inventions are borne out of the failure of something else. Think about the discovery of penicillin or the invention of the electric light bulb.

My conclusion is; if you want to change something, it’s not the idea what is important, it’s the potential of the unknown what is important.

We want generate growth, jobs, money, food and we want to protect our environment at the same time. Not an easy task.

My project Pandora’s Box the carbon cycle started with a dream, a dream so big (almost) nobody believes it will work.  I’ve received all kinds of unwanted advice to show I’m wrong and people I expected to respond didn’t say anything. So what now? Stop?

Instead of focusing to something else, I didn’t stop. I was thinking ‘if they don’t want to believe me, I will show it’. I listened to the advice why it would not work and counteract with ‘ok if that doesn’t work let’s try to adjust into something what will work.

Pandora’s box is about capturing CO2 by planting millions of trees, grown for their timber and to produce bio-char. We are going to use so called ‘low carbon land’. Between the trees we will install an aquaponics system which will create vegetables and farm-fish.

The project will capture CO2 and generate at the same time 3 times the amount of vegetables as soil-farmland of the same area. It will create jobs, food and sustainable income for millions of people.

The organization will be multi-level cooperative whereas every level provides the funds and resources to develop the two levels below it.

Here it is; a self-sustainable project what will grow, create jobs, income, wealth, food and capture CO2.

This is not everything, as I told before, it’s the potential of the unknown what makes this project so important. There will be a spinoff for the use of biochar, new products will be developed in the future. It will drive people back to their roots; it will stop hunger and empty the slumps in the overcrowded cities.

These are a few of the un-thinkable’s  I can think of now, imagine the potential of the un-known.

A few days before the closing date I found out about The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.


The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the largest annual worldwide competition for sustainable entrepreneurs who can instigate change. The challenge is looking for products or services that combinesustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity.


The products or services should:

1. Reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate

2. Be developed enough to execute

3. Be realizable as usable product or service within the next two years

4. Preferably have integrated Cradle2Cradle principles in their designs


Besides these criteria, the jury will also look at factors as: Communication potential, courageousness and creativity. Entry for the seventh edition of this competition is no longer possible, the deadline was July 17th 2013, 23:59 CEST. The preliminary jurors are now hard at work to judge all the entries that came in. The finalists will be announced on September 2nd, so stay tuned!


I’m one of the entries and I ask everyone who wants to make the world a better place to react now. Support PANDORA’S BOX 2013. THE CARBON CYCLE.





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