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Diary, Sunday 21 April 2013

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My idea is on-line and straight away I ask myself is it not a little overdone that idea of creating lungs for the world? Is it possible that one person can make a different?

To be honest I don’t know however I have Google and I found this;

“Everywhere you turn there are wrongs that need to be righted, things that need to be changed – but you’re just one person! What can you do? So you’re only one person, so what? What starts with one person can grow to be more – and if you’re just going to give up rather than TRY to do something to make things better what makes you better than all the people whose actions you despise? I hate to say something as trite as ‘if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem’ but to some extent it’s right. Sure, you can’t save the world all by yourself, but you can make a difference – if you try.

I’m not planning to try, I plan to do because I believe in the power of mankind. If we really want we can achieve great goals.

To start I have a proposal for everyone who reads this.  At this stage it is just an idea, please follow me and tell your friends about this.

That’s all, not much isn’t?.  give it a “I LIKE”

From an idea to 10 billion trees and 10 million jobs in 10 years time.

Even if you don’t agree with me and think it is not possible what I try to accomplish, please follow and see what will happen.

The PANDORA’S BOX project is running. The first step is made.

While one person may not be able to save the world all by themselves, It can make a difference. And who knows if people see what I’m doing they may just decide to follow and then it just might change the world after all.


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